What characterizes work uniforms of medical staff?

The doctor, nurse, midwife, even a dentist, pharmacist – all medical personnel has to wear a distinct, special clothing that offers protection and hygiene. We all identify the medical workers with white, blue or geen scrubs which are almost identical in design. In addition, most hospital clothes are changed very often, as the medical staff has a constant contact with different illnesses, chemicals and substances. That is why scrubs have bright colors – even the smallest stain and imperfection is noticeable on them and not a single bacteria or chemical leaves the hospital’s premises.
Distinct clothing also helps to identify the doctor among the patients. Each medical facility chooses a general look of their work clothes, but there is no universal pattern – the color of scrubs can be identical for the whole staff or distinguish surgical staff from other ones by choosing a different scrubs color.
Hospital work clothing is more than a set of scrubs – it also consists of a cap and protective footwear (which may be also advised to be worn by patients in some hospitals).