Waterproof material types

New types of waterproof materials are an answer to increasingly rising customer expectations. They are suitable for everyday use, for sports, for camping and they are also applicable in the automotive sector. Depending on their purpose, they differ in terms of thickness and structure, however they should always fulfil their basic role: protect from rain and moisture. So far, waterproof material types were made of polyurethane or they had a breathing membrane. Depending on the type, the fabrics have different finish, smooth or brushed, whereas the latter resembles the skin of a peach.

These waterproof material types are excellent for challenging, extreme conditions. The waterproof products have many applications and are perfect for both home and professional use. Sports stores offer waterproof sports jackets, which are very popular among winter sports amateurs in winter season. In the spring –autumn season, the most popular waterproof material types are those used for the production of tents and sleeping bags. Fishermen and camping amateurs often ask about new, high quality products, which will protect them from cold and discomfort and will keep their clothes dry. The market tries to meet these expectations and offers a wide range of waterproof products, which differ in structure and colour. The most common and widely used technologies are: Teflon coated surfaces, laminated surfaces, impregnated and waxed surfaces.

Since waterproof material types are mainly used for producing winter goods, clothes and other products are often strengthened with an additional fleece layer. It provides a nicer cut and at the same time makes the garment much warmer. Apart from professional wear, there are other proven and cult products, namely waterproof jackets also known as rain capes.

Waterproof material types are often used for producing motorcycle and car covers. Not all of us can afford to park our two or four wheels in a garage, so covers are a very popular product. Waterproof cover not only protects from rain, but also from dust, sunrays or a malicious neighbour!