Preventing miscarriage


How each mother-to-be can prevent miscarriage

Most women are waiting for this special time, and cannot wait the moment when the pregnancy test shows positive result. However, the earlier you get to know about fact that you are pregnant, earlier you can start new and healthy lifestyle which is necessary not only to you but the most to your unborn baby. The first trimester is the most important time, because in this phase, the risk of miscarriage is at the highest level. Moreover, there are a lot of women who were unaware of that they were pregnant and they miscarried. This may happen because, some women do experience early symptoms of pregnancy while the others not. Before they notice any changes in their bodies it is too late. Being unaware of pregnancy, women lead their normal lifestyles which may include: drinking alcohol, smoking cigarettes, and doing hard chores. After a while, by doing check-ups, they may get to know what happened, but most early miscarriages are unrevealed. Because of this reason, if there are any chances for you to be pregnant, take a pregnancy test, or make appointment with a gynaecologist.

However, this article contains some useful advices how to prevent miscarriage in early pregnancy. No mother wants to lose her baby, so you need to take all necessary precautions to make sure that your pregnancy reaches full term and you give a birth to a healthy infant. Learn how to avoid early miscarriage. First of all, you should educate yourself about the most common causes of miscarriage and any misconceptions related to it. Very important factor that increases the risk of early pregnancy termination is your age. The more advanced age is the risk of having terminated pregnancy is higher as well. If you are above 35, you need to consult all precaution measurements which allow you to carry your baby to your term. Another serious problem which negatively influences your pregnancy is any chronic health conditions such diabetes or thyroid disease. If you have not been diagnosed with any serious diseases yet, but you are planning to have a baby, we recommend making all necessary tests, before you get pregnant. Thanks to this, the proper treatment might be introduced and your doctor may effectively help you in preventing your possible pregnancy termination. Of course, smoking, taking drugs, and drinking alcohol may compromise your pregnancy, especially during the first trimester. If you smoke, quit! If you do not smoke, avoid places where the others are smoking. You should also try not to eat food which are likely to cause infections, for example, raw meat, unpasteurized dairy products (camembert or brie cheese). Moreover, although your diet should be rich in proteins and vitamins, you should also remember about taking your pregnancy vitamins regularly.  One of the most important things is doing your regular prenatal checks. Thanks to such checks, your baby’s possible health problems are detected early and there are more chances to resolve them.