Pregnant women’s right

Women’s right during pregnancy

Nowadays, not only men but also women want to develop themselves and make professional careers. Nevertheless, we are also trying to reconcile our private and professional lives. Most women are absolutely dedicated to their jobs, but sooner or later each woman feel the need of having baby. Unfortunately, a large number of us claim that they cannot afford to start their own family as having a baby means expulsion from their workplaces. Consequently, there is a fear of being unable to find a new job after maternity leave.

However, we as women cannot be threaten because we have the right to become mothers, it is our role. Nonetheless, sometimes even if we have no intention to be mothers, pregnancy test is positive. First of all, you should stay calm and not panic as being nervous might negatively influence your baby. The most important thing is to be happy, because there are still a lot of women who in spite of many attempts, they can only dream about having children. Remember that each child is a gift from God.

The next thing to do is informing your boss about your pregnancy. You should do this at least 15 weeks before the beginning of the week when your baby is due, but the best option is to talk to your employer as soon as it is possible. There is no need to be afraid as no matter how long you are employed you cannot become redundant based on your pregnancy. If your doctor decides otherwise, you can work as long as your health condition allows you to do it. However, there are regulations which impose on each mum-to-be period that has to be taken 2 weeks before your baby is due. If you work in factory, then you have to leave 4 weeks before. Keep in mind that you are entitled to start your Statutory Maternity Leave and Pay.

Moreover, you have a right to take paid time off for antenatal care and illegally would be if you were paid less than at your normal pay rate. If your boss tries to pay less or not agree on your time off, it means you are discriminated, and that you should ask for help your health and safety representative. Your employer is obliged to ensure safety of all pregnant employees. Because of this reason, once you have informed your boss about your pregnancy, remember that he has to review your duties and adjust them to your health condition. You cannot be forced to work all the more reason to carry heavy staff, be exposed to toxic substances, stay, sit and in general, work for long hours.

If your workplace carries any risks, but you still want to be active and work, you have to be offered with another alternative workstation which is safe for your unborn baby. Moreover, our law is also in favour of women who are under IVF treatment. Once your embryo has been fertilised, you have equal rights as women who were fertilised naturally.
To conclude, as mother-to-be you are under protection, and not only your boss is not allowed to fire you overnight, but he has to care about your health and safety. The only thing you should do is enjoying this special waiting period.

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