Polo shirts

Polo shirts

Polo shirts – important informations

Polo shirts, often called “polos” are the most popular men’s shirts. What are polo shirt types? The answer is none, because polo shirts are one of a kind! This article is designed to abolish this common myth and present the most characteristic features of polo shirts.

When we analyze polo shirt types, we can only distinguish different production lines and colours, because in general polo shirt is a unique product. It always has a short sleeve, which doesn’t limit the player’s movement. It has a button neckline, which allows ventilation and regulation of body temperature. Polo shirts are usually made of piqué, which has a specific structure resembling the surface of a wafer. Such fabric is elastic and durable and it allows air circulation. However the most recognizable motif of polo shirts is the soft collar. Its cut corresponds to the classical shirts, that have been used in sport in the past, and apart from that it has some practical applications. The collar in a polo shirt can be raised if need be, so that it protects the neck form sun exposure. It is very important, especially in case of outside sports. It is worth adding, that polo shirts, in order to save material and weight are quite short. Their back is slightly longer, so they can be tucked into trousers.

Polo shirts what do you need to know

Polo shirt types can be determined by their purpose – sports shirts or universal shirts. The first type is reserved for sportsmen who play polo, golf or tennis, whereas the second type can be worn everyday, regardless of occasion. Besides, as time passed, the producers started designing new polo shirt types in non-standard colours. This made them even more popular and widely used in different outfits.

Polo shirt types are a unique and interesting product. It is worth adding that they should not be worn to official meetings. For such occasion, it is better to wear a classical shirt – it will be much more classy and elegant. Polo shirts are perfect for casual meetings, visit at a friends’ house or a day outside. Regardless of occasion, it is important to remember that the shirt should be tucked into trousers. It looks best if you compliment your look with a stylish belt.