Polo game history

Polo game history

Not everyone knows how rich and interesting polo game history is. This game is so popular that almost everybody knows is. Its popularity can be attributed to the fact, that it is the only team sport played on animals.

The first mentions about polo date back to 600 BC. It was a description of preparations of the Persian army for local battles using horse cavalry. Etymology of the word stems from the Tibetan for “ball”, which is “pulu”. This word made its way to Europe only in 19th century, together with British officers stationed in India at that time.

Polo owes its popularity to the British. They elaborated the rules and made it widespread all over the world. Polo game history has become an important part of the Monarchy’s culture, especially the Royal Family, which passes the passion and talent for polo onto the next generations as a national treasure. Prince Charles and his sons have quite a few successes on their account.

On the European ground, the first polo game took place in London in 1871. Polo game history does not have many turning points. However, during the breaks of the most famous tournament, Queen’s Cup, the gentlemen and ladies, together with queen Elizabeth tread the ground for further competitions. This proves how egalitarian this social game has become.

It is worth to underline however, that it is Argentina that is the true Mecca of polo. This is where the best horses come from. They are characterized by an above-average speed and will for fight. Together with the favourable atmospheric conditions, it all makes Argentina the capital of best polo players and trainers in the whole world.

Polo game history has a little gap in its intense evolution, namely the interwar period. Back then this sport was reserved for cavalrymen and young lords from big royal houses. The soldiers also had their own teams. After this period, horse enthusiasts and fans of royal games once again established the fashion for polo. Their engagement and passion were an important step in the revival of this wonderful sport.

Now that we know the polo game history, it is easier for us to understand the fascination for this sport. After all it is a royal profession! This however doesn’t mean it is inaccessible for ordinary people – all you need is to go to the nearest stud farm and let your imagination run wild!