Men’s trousers

Styles of men’s trousers which you should know

Some elements of the fashion remain unchanged. This is exactly what happened with styles of trousers. Despite that the color of this element of clothing plays a significant role, the cut remains definitely more important, because it emphasizes the qualities of the silhouette, covers disadvantages and allows to “work out” the own style of dress.  In the case of men’s trousers they present as follows:

  • Loose trousers – wide along the entire its length, with a slightly lowered waist. They don’t hamper your movements, they are extremely comfortable and breathable. They meet the expectations of people who appreciate the freedom in dress and comfort. They will also be good for men who are a bit bigger.
  • Straight trousers – they are distinguished by slightly lowered waist and straight legs along entire its length. Comfortable and ensuring freedom of movement, therefore, they are recommended in particular to stouter men with massive thighs and wide hips. They lengthen the silhouette and makes it optically slimmer.
  • Slim Fit Trousers – a style designed for men with long and slim legs. They are very tight and they adhere strongly to the body what might not be to everyone’s liking. They emphasizes all disadvantages and we must realize that they are not very comfortable. Unfortunately, they can hinder movements.
  • Bootcut trousers – model in which most of men looks favorable. It is characterized by a low waist, fitted top of trousers and legs which slightly extend downwards. They are great to combine with any type of shoes. These are men’s trousers which makes the silhouette optically slimmer.
  • Tapered trousers – quite typical. Very loose in the hip area, but at the knees they start to narrow strongly downwards. They widen the hips, so they will be good only for men who have a slim silhouette
  • Regular trousers – classic, straight, universal and comfortable. They never go out of fashion. They are suitable for every type of silhouette. This is the cut, which continues to enjoy strong recognition despite the passing years and changing trends.
  • Bell-bottoms trousers – the bells are last on our list. Narrower and quite fitted in hips, and at the knees they start to widen strongly downwards. They will look great on people who are tall and have narrow hips.