Men’s jackets common types

Men’s jackets and the most common types of them

The autumn/winter season and early spring is the time when we wear outer garment to protect against the wind, cold and rain. Most men, when they have a jacket or coat at their disposal, choose the first one more frequently. It should be noted that men’s jackets don’t look the same. They have different styles, so they are divided into specific types. Their review can be found in the following sections of the text.

Men’s jackets – check out the available types:

  • Bomber jacket – a popular “bomber”. Also known as a windbreaker or flyers. Originally they were jackets tailored for American pilots. Initially, they were made of leather, but later they started to be made from other materials. It is a loose, non-binding motions and zippered men’s jacket, trim to neck, and sleeve ends. Its characteristic feature are also slanted pockets without flaps. Warm and short. Perfect for autumn and spring.
  • Jacket in the military style – this model was created in 1965 and designed for American soldiers. It enjoys unflagging popularity for many years, which is owed to a simple cut and comfort, which it grants. Perfect for everyday use. Equipped with a high stand-up collar, a zip fastener covered with flap fastened with snaps, the stow-away hood, four large pockets on the chest and hips.
  • Quilted jacket – also referred to as a husky. It is characterized by a simple fashion. It is broad and quilted in a sloping squares. On the side it also has slits that can be fastened with snaps. It is especially good as an addition to the everyday look but nothing stands in the way to put it on a suit. It is made from a fabric with a matt finish. Completed by the corduroy collar and fastened with snaps.
  • Parka – slightly longer and very warm, so great for the winter. It was created basing on the model developed for the US military. Its top layer is often made of high quality cotton and the lining is insulated with the wool. It has a large hood well-protecting against bad weather and finished with fur, large pockets and a waist welt. Zippered, often with a flap.
  • waxed jacket (so-called “olejak”) – this is a men’s jacket introduced to the market by a Barbour brand. It is sewed from Egyptian cotton and then covered with a thin layer of wax, thanks to which the material does not absorb a moisture. It is expensive, but worth to invest. When it loses the great look, it can be renewed. Quite universal – it will work during more or less formal occasions. Distinguished by: a solid metal zipper, brass accessories, simple fashion, corduroy collar and large pockets placed in the lower part.