Memorize your pregnancy period

pregnant on the picture

Pregnancy is said to be a groundbreaking period in each woman’s life. It lasts for the long 9 months, often full of changes, pain and a lot of hard moments. However, no one can call the beauty of pregnancy into question. The fact we are expecting a baby is not only one of the most vital change in our lives. Usually, pregnant women make changes in their habits, lifestyles or jobs. Sometimes they take much more serious shapes like moving homes or getting married. That is why we should not consider pregnancy only as a change – it upended our life forever!

During these uneasy 9 months, women experience a wide range of feelings:  from crying and sadness to happiness and excitement. We must cope with numerous obstacles and adapt to this new situation. For 9 months we are preparing ourselves for a new role that we will be play for the rest of our life. What is more, we must to accept our “bigger” body, and learn how to become a mother. Despite fact, that most pregnant women hate their bodies, and cannot expect the labour as they will be able to come back to their figures, for other people pregnancy makes women beautifully. There could be no more beautiful view than this of the happy woman with the cute bump. No matter how much pain we have to stand, it should be the happiest 9 months in our life. Because of all these reasons, we should memorize this unique time. Although now we are focused only on sleeping, resting, or the fact that we are running to fat, after a few years, with a great pleasure we will look at something what we made in remembrance of pregnancy.

The most simple and common wat to capture those beautiful moments is taking pictures. The only thing you need is a camera, but now the use of our smartphones is definitely enough. You can be photographed by your partner, or you can also take part in a professional photo session. Although such service is quite expensive, more and more couples are deciding on it as they wish to have the highest quality pictures. If photography is not enough, you can also capture those moments by making short videos.

The other gentle idea is to make a “Box of memories” where you should put anything what will associate with your pregnancy, for instance, a pregnancy test, your other examinations’ results or ultrasound images.After childbirth, you can also add first used dummy, smallish socks, or bootee. By a few years, all these sundries will have had the sentimental value.

In addition, as it has been already mentioned, pregnancy is absolutely full of many changes, new ideas and also extreme emotions. All thoughts and feelings you can memorise by keeping your dairy.

The final proposal is to take a moulage of your bump.  Although such practice has not become so popular yet, there are a lot people impressed by this original idea. Such form is polished and if you want, it can be also painted. Such fantasy keepsake is undoubtedly one of a kind and incomparable. No matter what would you opt for, the most important thing is your willingness to memorise your special time.