Maternity dresses – available cuts

elegant maternity dresses

Each expecting mum wishes to look beautiful, feminine and elegant. This effect can be achieved by wearing a dress. Not that long ago this type of apparel was not so great – most maternity dresses were dull in cut and color. They did not highlight the natural beauty, but rather hid it. Fortunately, today’s fashion is different. Classic and web stores are full of maternity clothes. Maternity dresses are available in numerous fashions and every mum can find a type that will make her look lovely. You can find a brief description of the most popular maternity cuts below:

Maternity dresses – cuts

  1. Loose – maternity dresses of that type are especially useful in the third trimester. They do not fit the body tightly and do not hinder your movement. They provide air circulation and comfort which will be appreciated during hot, summer months. They are available in elegant and everyday cut. They are made of cotton, but if the model is suited for colder weather, it has an additional fleece layer. Some are also fashioned after hoodies and may reach above or below your knee.
  2. Fitted – the best for slim ladies in the first and the second trimester, when the baby bump is not too large. They usually fit the upper and lower parts of the body equally, but are looser in the waist to be more comfortable. These maternity dresses are ideal for special events. They are not recommended for everyday use, because they may hinder your movement a bit.
  3. Bust cut – a very comfortable type of maternity dress, which can be worn during the whole pregnancy and after it. It is fitted in the upper part and highlights the bust, while the lower part is loose and hanging. The line above the bump divides the dress in two. It is a well-liked dress cut, as it is universal and comfortable. It does not fit on the belly too tight, it allows for the flow of air and it is elegant, so it can be worn for almost any occasion, including weddings of your friends and relatives. It is usually made of light materials, so the whole apparel feels like a feather. It is great for any body type.
  4. A-shaped dress – the second most common choice when it comes to maternity dress cut. It lightly highlight the belly and will be the best for ladies who don’t want to expose it too much, but still make the pregnancy visible. It also allows for hiding bigger thighs and hips. Lower part of the dress is fitted, but not too tight, while the upper part slightly widens going down. The cleavage most often has a U shape, while the shoulders are pretty wide. it is an elegant type of dress which highlights and hides everything that should be highlighted or hidden. It is good for an everyday use as well as for bigger events. Maternity dresses of this kind are available in a huge selection of colors, so every expecting mum will find something that suits her style.