Maternity dress

maternity dress

Maternity dress – what to wear to your friends wedding?

The wedding season is getting closer and closer, and you still do not know what to wear to your friends wedding! So what should you do in order to feel good, look good and emphasize your zaftig figure? We are well aware that the choice of clothing is not easy, especially since the body during pregnancy continuously changing. Therefore, we have prepared some tips for selection of maternity dresses in which you will look perfect, elegant and appropriate for the special occasion. Details are found below.

Maternity Dress – advice on the selection

  • First of all, adjust the clothing to the nature of the event. If you are only going for lunch or a simple party with family and friends, then you can easily get away with a flowing cocktail dress. This dress will also work well on the so-called “Rustic wedding” event, organised at a special wedding hall/house or in the local culture house. However, when the event takes place in the elegant restaurant or an elegant ballroom it would be more appropriate to wear a more formal attire. For example a pregnancy dress is a great choice, either with a length which reaches below the knee, and precisely fitting to the body, or a long dress, reaching all the way to the ankles. Ladies who are in the third trimester of pregnancy will look best in dresses cleaved under the bust, which will ensure freedom of movement and full comfort. On the other hand, if you have a slim figure, and the belly is still only small, feel free to wear any formal attire you desire.
  • Pay direct attention to the colour. Generally, the colour white on the wedding day is primarily reserved only for the bride. It is the colour symbolizing purity/innocence, which makes the bride feel special and unique amongst the crowd. Therefore, it is better not to wear maternity dress is in this particular shade. A much better solution will be subtle shades of pastels or on the contrary – intense shades of red, blue or even purple. The most important thing is that you feel comfortable wearing it, and you look glamorously. The dress is there to emphasise your beauty, so feel free to choose a shade that matches the colour of your skin, eyes and hair.
  • Try to choose the classic outfits. Indeed, dresses with an unusual style and extravagant appearance attract the attention, but it is unlikely that you will be able to wear them on any other occasion… It is therefore better to select a classic dress with a simple pregnancy fashion and versatile cut, which you can link with other garments, thus creating a whole new, mesmerising look. This is a good and economical investment, which will certainly satisfy yourself and those around you.
  • Consider the length of the dress. Currently, any dress length can be worn to a wedding – either below or above the knee, the calf-length and ankle-length. What you choose should depend primarily on your own preferences and in which length you feel the most comfort. Take into account the fact that in the summer, when it is much warmer than usually, the shorter maternity dresses are a much wiser choice, because they are airier, and do not get tangled up between the legs. Nevertheless, if you have a big hips and calves, you should choose a maxi dress that will hide these features.
  • Check the type of the material. A wedding is a light ceremony, therefore wearing dresses made from silk, satin and taffeta will prove to be the most comfortable. Unfortunately, the latter are not very airy, so their comfort may not be the greatest. Thus try finding a maternity dress sewn with high quality cotton or whose bottom was made of a very light material. This dress will give you convenience and comfort throughout all night.
  • Adjust the appropriate accessories. Maternity dresses with a simple style can be suited with various garments. If you want them to stand out strongly against the whole dress style, try to go for those with an intense colour or an unusual pattern. Shoes are the foundation of the dress code, of course a purse and at least one piece of jewellery e.g. earrings, necklace or bracelet are also key to a well presented wedding-esque look.