Fashion of the 30’s

30’s fashion

 Fashion of the 30’s – against everydayness

Fashion of the 30’s is a perfect example of the fact that despite difficulties, fashion will always defend itself. The desire to be beautiful is always so strong, that it can overcome the difficulties of everyday life. This was also the case after the year 1929, when the Great Depression overwhelmed the world.


Fashion of the 30’s  – a come back of the feminine from the cinema screen

The 30’s return to natural and feminine figure, earlier hidden by simple, masculine clothing. Women stopped hiding their assets and started to underline their waist. The skirts became longer; the bottom reached the mid of the calf. Asymmetric skirts with a frill on the bottom were very popular back then. Fashion of the 30’s succeeded in the domain of femininity; it emphasized shape and intriguing figure. Just like in other decades, the movie stars promoted trends in fashion. They launched styles, which had become very popular among women who wanted to resemble celebrities from cinema screen.

Vivid colours and floral patterns

Back then, a combination of vivid colours and floral patterns became very popular. Fashion of the 30’s was full of frills and lace. They appeared not only in the underwear but also in everyday clothing and occasion costumes; integrated into the garment as accessories or a main feature of the outfit. Folk inspirations were also very popular. Flowers, regional designs and patterns were a real bombshell. This was connected with the crisis and politics promoting regional products, including textiles. According to this trend, in Poland native linen and silk became very popular. Buying regional textiles was an attempt of supporting industry and protecting it from collapse. When it comes to hairstyles and make-up, the ladies have gone for delicate lines on the eyes and subtle eye shadows. Full lips and pink complexion were very fashionable. The hairstyles were predominantly short, but many women decided to grow longer hair. Short hair was a reference to women’s emancipation from the previous decade, but the 30’s were a time of nostalgia for longer hair. Make-up looks with intense red lipstick were still present. It is important to add however, that fashion of the 30’s was full of wavy hair, perm, and the most fashionable hair colour was blond. The women have not resigned from hair accessories, such as little hats and various decorative pins. If you are looking for more fashion related blogs visit




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