Fashion of the 20’s – post war unlashing

Fashion of the 20’s

Fashion of the 20’s

The 20’s inaugurated the modern era. After the war, this decade was a period of excesses, jazz, exciting parties and women’s emancipation. Fashion of the 20’s had been an effect of suffragettes’ protests, which effected in the increase of women’s liberties. Many of them got the right to family planning and to vote. This in turn had great influence on women’s clothing, which reflected the new image of a modern woman, both in culture and in society. Different clothing was a manifestation of the abandonment of the old canons and standards.

More freedom

Women’s clothing gained more freedom; it didn’t always have to emphasize the shape of a woman’s figure. Women’s rights movements promoted boyish figure. The dresses had been shortened, reaching merely over the knee. For the evening the women chose sheer, shiny fabrics, which complemented their movements while they danced. Pearl necklaces and shiny bags were on the top when it comes to accessories. The notorious cigarette holders were the trademark of 20’s fashion. The icon of this decade was Chanel. She had not only introduced many trends, but also influenced emancipation in clothing. Simple over-the-knee dresses; deep necklines and wide hats were fashionable back then. Men’s fashion was an infinite inspiration for women. Women’s fashion of the 20’s derived a lot from trends, which had been earlier reserved for men and gentlemen only. An inevitable element in each lady’s wardrobe was a white shirt and a tie.  Men’s raincoats also made their way into women’s wardrobes. When it comes to trousers, women had rarely worn them. There was one woman however, a great fashion designer, who had countered this trend in a brave and outright manner. It was Coco Chanel who introduced trousers into her outfit for good. Many women had followed her!

The career of a zip

The underwear industry has advanced significantly. More and more stockings were being produced, especially silk ones. Long nightshirts made their way back in. Fashion of the 20’s is also famous for introducing the zip. Apart from that, special clothing was produced, for instance sportswear, clothing for travelling or for sunbathing. The swimsuits of the day, now considered a curiosity, were considered very brief back then. Viscose, artificial crêpe and nylon had been used for making clothes. However, it was the zip that became the real bombshell. It was sewn into trousers, dresses, sometimes even into shoes. Fashion of the 20’s still inspires, because it is a frequent motif of theme parties.