Active mothers-to-be

little hand of baby

Before you got pregnant, you used to exercise regularly, and be on a permanent healthy diet. Once you have seen positive result of your pregnancy test, you think that you should change your lifestyle. Nothing could be more wrong! First of all, when it comes to your healthy food habits, it is perfect as each mother-to-be needs to be on a really healthy diet. Usually, women who had not paid their attention to quality of their food might struggle with someproblems as it is quite difficult to get used to the new eating habits. As far as sport is concerned, this issue is not so obvious. In general, a lot of activities are permitted during a pregnancy period. If you do not suffer with any of serious illnesses like diabetes, asthma or heart disease, and your pregnancy is not high-risk, then you could be allowed to do some exercises. Nevertheless, before you do anything, consult your intention with your doctor. If there are no contradictions, you can start be active again. Exercising during pregnancy has very positive impact on women’s health.  One of the most beneficial results of doing exercises is that our body is well adapted to all physical changes related to pregnancy. Additionally, active women feel better in the latter stages of pregnancy than those who were passive. What is more, sport will help mothers-to-be toimprove their posturers, allay back ache, and reduce pain experienced during the labour. There also must be added that most pregnant women who take up any sport, come back to their previous figures faster and easier. That is really encouraging and optimistic reason which should appeal to all mothers-to-be.

In general, during pregnancy exercising is allowed but with common sense. You should remember not to overexert your body. However, there are several inadvisable activities such as scuba diving, football, basketball, or the exercise demanding jumping, running or skipping, and sports which carry a risk of falling, for example, skiing. Nevertheless, it can be harmful for you, if you train inimproper conditions like humid and hot air, or if you hold your breath. Rebirthing is crucial point not only in sports but in your all everyday activities.

The safest sport and generally applicable to all women are swimming, exercising on indoor bike or aerobic, but only if it is taught by the highly-qualified fitness instructor.  Definitely recommended and the lightest from of activity is walking. If you are unable to exercise more intensively, just try to go out every day and walk for at least 30 minutes. Spending time in the open air regulates breathing and relives stress. You should keep mind that in the later stage of pregnancy you are, the lighter exercises you should do. Sometimes, women are unaware of fact that they should limit their trainings. Because of this reason, if you really wish to be active pregnant lady ask for advice not only your doctor but also fitness instructor. Today, in most fitness clubs, there are available special offers designated only for pregnant women.